From those who were there …

Former employees still remember their defining experiences from their time at Theben.
Take a look at some extracts from the video interviews.

They needed young guys. And that really motivated me hugely. The fact that they said they needed us.

Gustav Stockmaier
21 years at Theben, Tool Constructor
30 years at PEZET, Management and Board of Directors

There was always something fun about Theben. So yes, there were always a lot of celebrations there.

Peter Pfeffer
7 years at Theben, Labourer

I have a lot to thank Mrs Herl for. She was the kind of boss, the kind of wonderful person, that you just don’t get anymore. The kind of boss you could only dream of.

Angelika Pfeffer
36 years at Theben, Secretary to the
Management Team/ Quality Control

In any case, Haigerloch must be pleased to have a company like Theben there.

Heinz Hennige
43 years at Theben, Purchasing

Our repair department always said we need to keep the smallest customers happy.

Winfried Karger
36 years at Theben, Mechanical Development

And then the apprenticeship started where we learned to file. Until we had blisters on our fingers, of course.

Manfred Karger
45 years at Theben, Mechanical Development

You never said Theben, you always said you were going to Schwenk.

Franz Pfeffer
48 years at Theben, Team Leader of
Elpa and distributor clock assembly

So everyone helped one another. That was unity. And that’s how it should be.

Arnold Gsell
31 years at Theben, Precision Mechanical Development

I really enjoyed my work. And perhaps Schwenk noticed that.

Horst Stehle
41 years at Theben, Work Scheduling

Our devices are simply the best around. That’s Theben, that’s what makes Theben so strong. Quality.

Werner Fechter
47 Jahre at Theben, Team Leader of pre-assembly

It was great. It was interesting. Always interesting. I had great colleagues, the environment was OK.

Egidius Wild
50 years at Theben, Trade Fair Construction