My dear parents,
I hope that you are well. All is well here. Today, we founded a company (Mezger & Schwenk). It goes by the code name “Apparatefabrik” [“gadget factory”]. We’ll have to see if everything works out. For the time being, we’ll be running it in our spare time. 1920 will just be the beginning.

A postcard from the past.

Many from all over the world.

In the midst of preparing for the anniversary year, Paul Sebastian Schwenk stumbled upon a postcard written by his great-grandfather, in which he described starting the company to his parents. One hundred years later, this postcard was a nice surprise for those reading it.

We love nice surprises and would be happy to hear from you – whether you are a friend of Theben already or would like to become one, and whether you already have links with the company or would like to forge some. Alternatively, if you just want to congratulate us on our special anniversary, please send us a postcard or upload an image and text here.

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