Is it art
or can you click it?

Paul Eberhard Schwenk was well known for his close relationship with art over many years. In the past, Schloss Haigerloch also served as a location for exhibitions and concerts drawing in visitors from all over Germany. This tradition has been revived for the company’s anniversary through a collaboration with Tim Berresheim.

Tim Berresheim (* 1975 in Heinsberg, Germany) works as an artist and a musician as well as running a record label and project space. His work, which is produced using digital imaging technology, deals with the effects of digital technology on visual culture, living and working conditions, and methods of perception and ways of knowing.

He designed the Abu Simbel mascot for Theben, which brings the theben timer to life in virtual reality. Abu Simbel can be brought to life on a smartphone for free via the “TB – Theben 100 AR” app (free of charge from the Google Play Store and Apple Store).

The 7-metre long banner in the exhibition at Schloss Haigerloch is a proverbial highlight. The banner has been created using images from beer mats designed by Theben employees. Visitors to the exhibition can use the augmented reality app to enjoy a few surprises during their visit.

Smartphone App
„TB – Theben 100 AR“

7 -metre long banner

from Tim Berresheim